We Are RISA, Your International Family in Rotterdam

RISA Board 2019-20


Anne van Santen, Dutch

Vice President

Katharina Büter, Germany

Social Events Manager

Mattia Intennimeo, Italy

Co-social Events Manager

Piotr Neska, Poland

Business Events Manager

Bogdan Pecican, Romania

Marketing Manager

Vladut Gegea, Romania

PR Manager

Lucresse Kansen, Cameroon

RISA Sustainability Board 2019-20

Manager & RISA Representative

Lea Napierski, Germany

Workshops & Policy

Gabriela Willems, Aruba

Marketing & Community

Paula Kania, Poland

Finance Manager

Shavonne Sint Luce, Dutch

Our Committees

Business Events Committee

The Business Event Committee is glad to welcome you in Rotterdam, one of the major business hubs in the Netherlands! Are you interested in business and entrepreneurship? Do you want to see its real side? Is it your dream to build an entrepreneurial career? Then you are in the right place! This year, our central aim is to introduce students into the actual business environment and provide them with practical insights. Some of the forecasted activities include workshops, trips to companies and guest lectures. Our team builds an interactive platform that will allow you to learn from professionals, affirm yourself and understand the key to success in business. You will have the opportunity to socialize with successful entrepreneurs from various fields, study their experiences and discover the secrets behind their performance. Become a member of RISA and join our events if you want to venture into the business world!

We wish you a great academic year and look forward to seeing you!

Social Events Committee


RISA’s Social Event team is here to make sure that our members make most of their University experience. With us you will get many opportunities like to meeting people from other programs, have fun and create unforgettable memories. We will boost your student life with parties, weekend trips, sport events, meetups and many more events you don’t want to miss! Do you want to get discounts on RISA’s events, alcohol beverages and other?

Sign up to become a member and enjoy all the benefits we created for you!